Invention Help: Why do I need to protect my invention?

Without protection, a new invention is just an intangible idea of questionable value. A patent provides a legal framework over which to assert a monopoly over your invention, helping to prevent a third party from imitating your invention and unfairly profiting from it.

Invention Help: How do I protect my invention?

Invention Help

Lodging an Australian provisional patent application with IP Australia often starts the process for obtaining protection. Since the quality of the drafting of the patent application dramatically impacts on whether copiers are able to circumvent your invention, you should always obtain the help of a patent attorney in preparing your patent application. Patent applications should be drafted without any undue limitations to provide the best chance of stopping a competitor copying the invention.

Invention Help: How do I make money from my invention?

Invention Help

A commercialisation strategy tailored specifically to address the needs of your business and maximise the profits you can extract from your invention should be your next approach. Retaining professional services in the form of a commercialisation expert to develop a commercialisation plan will allow you to take advantage of much needed market experience, helping you gain valuable insights that minimise obstacles and maximise your time and the return on your invention investment.

Invention Help: What are the benefits of commercialisation strategy planning for my invention?

Invention Help

If you are seeking to prove that your invention works, convert it into a prototype or product or sell the intellectual property, consider:

  1. raising capital through a government grant or investment;
  2. negotiating a licence agreement; or
  3. entering into a strategic partnership.

You may need invention help to:

  1. identify and understand inner workings of your market;
  2. create a corporate identity that will give the appropriate impression to your clients and customers; and
  3. select a sales strategy that will convince buyers to do business with you on the right terms.

The experience of a commercialisation expert will also help prevent you from making beginner’s errors that could damage your marketing edge.

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